Mini Assault

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chipya (DRG)
Rane (BLM)
Rya (WHM)
Toefer (RDM)

Well we just did a single assault mission today. Rand had a headache and Rya thought her Monday assault nights were dying so she jumped ship. She only had one tag that night. I can’t really blame her either. Enginerds is just one of those dying LSes that doesn’t die. That’s right! We’ve been here since launch and are likely to stay.

Most likely anyway…

This is one of the few occasions in which I actually appear on a Monday. Chipya thought it would be best that we do one of the Chief Sergeant missions since that is my highest rank. We decided to do Deserter with our rag tag team of four people.

This mission was fairly simple. Essentially you go around killing Lamias. If you’re lucky and do a weapon skill, like Shield Bash, you may break the Lamia’s weapon and they’ll give up. In fact, you get more points when thy do give up. If you’re aiming to just do the bare minimum to complete the mission successfully, then all you need to do is defeat one of them. There are also skeles that roam about giving you no points. I believe we killed about 6-7 Lamias out of the possible 12, maybe more.

It was a pretty fun short time and my first CS mission. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to captain one day… sometime next year. 😦 All in all, it was a good night.


Lv 68 BRD – Leeching XP Once Again

Wednesday, August 14, 2008

Chipya (DRG)
Rane (RDM)
Reiner (SAM)
Rya (WHM)
Tyrni (COR)
Toefer (BRD)

Since I have been taking a break, I’m starting to forget where everything is. We went to this new camp in Bhaflau Thickets, 2nd map at F-6, and killed some Greater Colibri.

To get there, you need to take the Runic Portal to Nyzul. Once there you take the SW portal at G-9 (5th map). Then you take the portal to your left (1st map) then zone. Apparently the area is made of huge ledges. Once you jump off, you can’t get back on. I found that our the hard way. It was nice when I pulled something… then I died. Oh well.

The area seems to support only two parties (one on each ledge). The only mobs in the area were Greater Colibri and Wivres. The Wivres do not aggro. We were chaining a lot of Colibri. I believe Rya and Rane were slightly disappointed that I didn’t pull. Let’s be honest though, I’m not really that confident at pulling. It only gets worse the less and less I play. And I’m pretty sure it’s a bit hard for me to sleep these mobs being the only under leveled gimped person in the party. Everyone else was lv 75 except for Rane who was lv 74.

Rane and Rya pulled for a little bit, but it was mostly Tyrni that was pulling. I’m not sure that Ty likes pulling, but did it anyway. He’s a bit sporty after all. I tried to pull a couple of times and only 1/3 of the pulls I almost die. Only one I did die, but that happens. I think the only other deaths were Rya and Chipya. We just didn’t care about Chipya and didn’t notice his health dropping. Rya died due to a long pull and just simply ran out of HP by the time she got back to the party.

After the party I went to South San d’Oria [S] and did a little campaign battle there. I just sat in a corner and played some songs. I think I earned about 1k xp for two battles. Unfortunately, standing next to the guard is not always the safest place. Here a little screenshot for the memories. I have no idea where in this blog it’ll show up though since this is the first time I’m using the media uploader. Quite possibly it’ll show up on the top of the screen, making this paragraph a bit late to introduce it. Oh well, I just don’t care. Screw you people!!!

Current BRD Tarutaru level: 69
Tarutaru deaths: 2-3 (I wasn’t counting)

Edit: Or the picture will just be added to my Media Library with no way for anyone to see it… /sigh


I guess it’s been a while since I made an entry. On the other hand, I haven’t been doing that much.

Keceltes went off to Taiwan for a bit. It’s a bit similar to when Chipya went to Japan for six months, except that we cared about Chipya. We threw a little going away party FFXI style. Keceltes more or less just told the LS that this was going to be his last gaming session for a while and left. So there was no time for the Goblin fireworks. That doesn’t really bother me though. I knew that he was leaving in advance. It’s one of the perks of being one of his real life friend. No, the thing that bothers me the most is that I didn’t really do anything for his last day. Sure I went to his party and had a couple of sake bombs, but I didn’t do anything in-game for him. Oh well. Yet another regret to add to a list of regrets for a person who tries to live his life without them.

The aftermath of Keceltes’ leaving resulted in the breakup of the level 50-ish static party. Then I got bored of the game again and left for a bit. I came back to finish the ToaU missions though. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as hard and thus not as satisfying as CoP. I still got a neato earring.

I still sign on every other Wednesday though. Most of the LS are involved in other LSes with their dynamis runs, sky, and stuff. I guess Enginerds wasn’t one of those large item gathering LSes. More like a gathering of a small group of sarcastic friends. I’m quite happy with that.

Chipya is trying to get me more involved with assault nights, Mondays. Something about Nyzul runs. It sounds nice and I don’t want to let him down, but I’m not entirely sure I want to do them. I think I would rather do regular assault runs, but then again I’m enjoying having the time to play other games. I’m almost done with FFIV for the DS. 🙂

Maybe one day someone will read this blog and find out my true feelings, but who really cares. I’m sure things will change if Keceltes decides to return to FFXI.

This post was typed entirely on my new iPhone. The typing speed isn’t that bad. I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed this little insight into the Taru mind.

Lv 65 BRD – Bibiki Bay, because we got owned in Beseiged

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Highlander (RNG/NIN)
Quietstorm (RDM/WHM)
Risana (SCH/WHM)
Taicha (NIN/WAR)
Toefer (BRD/WHM)
Yuty (THF/NIN)

We camped at F-7. I don’t think Highlander remembers me. In fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t really remember him… except vaguely. I’m sure he has a 75 PLD. He was bragging about his Vali’s bow and how that he gets so much hate, not even merits can save him. It kinda sucks. We didn’t have the Astral Candescence so we had to make a run for it to Bibiki Bay.

Guess i get to pull. Hmm… about the fourth or fifth pull, Highlander says that his ammo suddenly disappeared. Makes me think that he just forgot to bring some… Then the mobs became suddenly that much hard to kill. Kinda of a bad party. Wasn’t as nicely organized as I was used to. It took us a while to earn 10k (4 hours with interruptions). Perhaps it’s because of the camp spot. Highlander wanted me to pull, which I haven’t really done in a long time. Yuty thought I wasn’t a good enough puller and took over. That’s fine with me. I only changed tactics following Highlander’s suggestion of pulling more Tragopans. Unfortunately there were only two spawn points for those mobs by us. Oh well. Better luck next time.

Current Tarutaru BRD Level: 66
Tarutaru Deaths: 0

Lv 65 BRD – Too much leveling in one night

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ganzan (PLD/WAR)
Harlu (RDM/WHM)
Lesli (WHM/RDM)
Quick (THF/NIN)
Toefer (BRD/WHM)
Vandals (SAM/WAR)

This is my third party of the night. That’s right, I haven’t stopped leveling. I don’t have work tomorrow, so I keep on leveling. Who needs sleep anyway? I’ll just be hurting tomorrow morning. We were going to the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, but our WHM isn’t a mercenary. Which kinda explains his under level subjob. BLM is like a staple class, why stop at 32? Way to embarrass yourself in front of all the Japanese players…

So, instead, we’re off to Bibiki Bay. Camped at G-6. Killed Tragopans and Catoblepas. Tragopans were too easy. Then Vandals, after about an hour of playing, wants to log off in half an hour. I think it’s because no one listened to him to go to Mount Zhayolm instead of Bibiki.

Sugak (SAM/THF) replaced him. Erureina (WHM/BLM) replaced our WHM. Lately I have noticed that my lullaby spells do not work. I’m fairly certain it’s because my String Instrument skill is only in the 80s (out of a max of 201). Also there’s something about how I cast my buffs that I don’t get both Ballad effects. I need to look up this info… but I guess I’ll do it later (as in I’m {too weak}).

Around 4am the party was deciding whether or not to go to Boyahda Tree (not that I really understood any of it since it was all in Japanese), I decided to leave. I was quite tired and really needed a break. I had a good run though. Earned like a whole level and 2/3rds by playing 10 hours straight in three different xp parties. The amazing thing was, I used my Olduum Ring, disbanded, type /anon, and I still managed to get a party invite. It just amazes me just how much a refresher is needed, although in most of my parties it seems they’re greedy SOBs and get both a RDM and BRD for maximum leveling speed.

Current Tarutaru BRD Level: 65
Tarutaru Deaths: 0

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